The Green Seed Nursery

We opened our nursery in 2019 to start producing sustainable plants for our landscape design projects. The majority of the plants in our designs are grown by us and are Certified Naturally Grown. We never use chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and use local ingredients in our potting mixes.

About 1/3rd of our small nursery is dedicated to growing native plants including some hard to find species. We also grow a wide variety of Perennials, Ground Covers, Ornamental Grasses and Shrubs. Our focus is on plants that are non-invasive, low maintenance, drought resistant and support native wildlife and pollinators.

Emily + Austin

Emily and Austin started The Green Seed (TGS) in the spring of 2014 and in 2019 they opened their own Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) nursery! This extension of our business allows us to provide plants for our design jobs in the most sustainable way possible. It also provide plants to individuals and businesses. We are a unique family owned, sustainable landscape design and nursery company.

At it’s core TGS strives to be as eco-friendly as possible and has been certified as an Eco-Biz. We include these sustainable practices in our Design work and Nursery Care. Emily + Austin collaborate to bring their unique set of skills, knowledge and experiences together in their work.

Head Grower - Austin (He/Him/His)

Austin's roots in horticulture run deep. One of his greatest influences and inspirations has been his father who was a wildlife biologist turned farmer and an avid outdoorsman. As a youth Austin regularly helped out on the family farm and around the neighborhood.

As a young adult Austin worked in landscaping and he also gained many valuable skills through a variety of other jobs. He took up the hobbies of birding and gardening and acquired a degree from Oregon State University with studies in habitat restoration, wildlife and plant science. A renewed interest in horticulture was sparked working for a native plant farm. Austin went back into landscaping and eventually founded The Green Seed with Emily.

Austin began naturally growing plants for our landscaping jobs on a small scale in Portland in 2016. He instantly fell in love with nursery work. The business has since moved to a bigger space in Canby, OR where Austin continues to pursue his passion for growing plants using natural methods.

Head Grower.

[LCP# 15729] – Oregon Landscape Contractors Board.


pollinator support, water-wise + native plants


Our dirt is CLEAN and locally sourced

Certified Naturally Grown Nursery

We are proud to offer a product that until now was virtually unavailable in our region. We produce ornamental landscape plants grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. We use locally sourced potting soil ingredients as much as possible and utilize water conserving irrigation practices.

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