Arctostaphylos x densiflora 'Howard McMinn' - Howard McMinn Manzanita

If we had to pick one manzanita Howard McMinn would be it as it is one of the most adaptable. Manzanitas despise water and some will die with summer water or if they have inadequate drainage, they can be a little finicky. While it has the same drought and heat tolerance of other varieties, Howard McMinn is more forgiving to the novice gardener in our wet climate and can be planted in more locations (just don't plant it in low areas where water collects).

Howard McMinn has small light pink lantern shaped flowers in Early Spring and its leaves are evergreen. We recommend trimming to expose the lower branches and show its beautiful exfoliating mahogany colored bark. It needs no water once established and occasional trimming to maintain size and shape. This is a great low maintenance plant.

Size:5'-8' tall x 5'-6' wide
Light: Sun - Mostly Sun
USDA Zone: 7a-10b

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