Cistus x laxus - White Rock Rose

Cistus are evergreen shrubs native mainly to the Mediterranean regions of Europe and Africa where they grow in chaparral (shrub dominant) habit. Their habitat is generally characterized by hot dry summers and mild wet winters and many are right at home in the milder regions of the PNW. Many of the varieties grown in our gardens here are hybrids which have combined the best traits of two or more species to create easy to grow shrubs which put on a magnificent show of white or pink flowers in the Spring.

In Late Spring Cistus x laxus is covered in 1" wide white flowers.

Size:4'-5'  tall x 5'-8' wide
Light: Sun
USDA Zone: 8a-10

Drought tolerant, water only for establishment

Water and feed (lightly) only for establishment and then you can pretty much forget about care for this plant except for yearly pruning to maintain size and shape once mature