Cotula ‘Tiffendell Gold’ - Creeping Gold Buttons

Low evergreen ground cover with green lacy foliage. Covered in 3/4” cute yellow button flowers with no easily discernible petals in Late Spring and with deadheading blooms into Fall. Spreads to cover an area quickly and requires little maintenance.

Size: 4" tall x 24-36” wide
Light: Sun-Part Sun
USDA Zone: 5-10

Water occasionally

Water occasionally during the dry summer months, though it can handle some drought in cooler summers. Regular feeding and compost top dressing is beneficial though we have some plants that have gone 3 years without fertilizer and still perform well. Shear back spent flowers (small drill battery hedge trimmers are great for this) when most of them have turned brown and it will re-bloom. Divide to maintain size and vigor every 2-3 years.

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